Frequently Asked Questions

What type of maintenance does my septic system need?
A septic tank in Brownstown should be inspected yearly and pumped at least every 2 years to function properly. Conyer Septic And Excavating LLC offers affordable maintenance service programs at reasonable rates.

What does septic tank pumping do?
Conyer Septic And Excavating LLC's septic tank pumping service removes all sludge, waste and scum from the tank to keep drinking water safe and the system functioning at peak performance.

How often do I need to clean my septic tank?
Experts recommend that septic tanks and drain fields in Brownstown be cleaned thoroughly each year. Regular cleaning and inspection greatly reduces the need expensive repairs later on. The frequency required for pumping depends on the size of your tank and your level of water use. Call Conyer Septic And Excavating LLC at 812-350-2612 for more information.

What else can I do to ensure that my septic tank lasts longer?
Limit the disposal of large amounts of paints, oils, fats and harsh chemicals that can cause an imbalance to the micro-organisms necessary for the optimal break down of solid waste in the septic system.

What does it mean if my septic tank smells bad?
In general, a septic tank should function without any unpleasant odor. Foul odors emanating from a septic system usually indicate a need for pumping and/or repair. Call 812-350-2612 for immediate assistance in the Brownstown region.